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Around the world, cross-border focused companies such as corporate holdings, private equity firms, family offices including boutique wealth management firms face a barrage of challenges. Among them are those that are related to regulatory pressure, tax transparency issues, escalating costs, market intelligence, familiarity with service providers, identification of marginal revenue-generating opportunities, funding identification solutions and qualified people.

As a result, they have a tipping point: should they remain constrained to local resources or search for solutions beyond their borders?.

Welcome to Global Client Solutions Group

“We aim to provide you instant solutions for growing your business, capital and wealth in a uniform, controlled manner. Our biggest contribution is the efficiency of our solutions. Helping you establish your corporate presence faster, helping you meet your finance department needs in the best terms, and help you in getting your technology established in your new European corporate entity within 15 days.”

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About our solutions

  1. Corporate Presence Solutions
  2. Finance Department Solutions
  3. Technology Integration Solutions
  4. GCSG Corporate Venture Partners – project financing network platform

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Boutique corporate finance firm, Luxembourg based, Global Client Solutions Group focuses on providing an efficient set of goal-driven solutions for global growth-oriented companies, private equity investors, family offices and entrepreneurs with European expansion ambitions.

We have developed templates and processes, in-house technology products and built up an extensive network of professionals to gain efficiency in our execution of your mandates. Our solutions are mostly implementable on demand within 15 days. We are able to work side by side with known solution providers and your in-house staff so as to provide you with executable solutions ready for consideration by your executive management team.

Our services include coordinating the set-up of a Benelux based corporate structure and its interim administrative services, identifying funding solutions, providing and integrating a customized communications platform or commercial digital portal for your European venture or global commercial challenge. You will be able to monitor the progress made and execute your expansion plans at the pace and level of involvement most suitable to you or your organization. 

Our biggest contribution is time to market and our biggest aim is helping you achieve your commercial and society impact goals. 


How we work

Products and Solutions:

Tasks we welcome focus in helping ambitious entrepreneurs or global investors with establishing a European financial or commercial entity in the Benelux, providing funding or investment solutions, helping with substance requirements for the new European entities and identifying commercial alliances or mergers and acquisitions candidates that are complimentary with your European expansion strategy.


How can you benefit from having us working for you?
Time to market. Our technology solutions are able to be implemented within two weeks. Our knowledge of local financial partners allows us to put your structure applications in record times. Our network and experience in the who is who of business financing in Europe helps you presenting your proposal to the adequate partners in an expedient manner.

What words can be used to describe us?
We are the one-stop shop solution provider partner for you. Ready and able to provide you with turnkey executable solutions so you can start concentrating on executing your business plans when the plans are thought of.

What field or industry do we cover?
We target companies that would like to establish a presence in the Benelux or need assistance in identifying European partners and European solutions for the company’s market exposure and expansion strategy of their products or services. There are no pre-set criteria regarding size or sector.

What are the words to describe our attitude?
Impact driven and in partnership with you. Working with an if you win, we win mind frame.

What does makes Benelux stand out?
Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg make what is known as the Benelux. The founding of the Benelux contributed to the founding of the European Union. Today these three countries have remained the center of political and business initiatives. New businesses can benefit from business opportunities and the legal advantages that include attractive legislation for holding companies in the Netherlands, world-class banking services and financial solutions in Luxembourg, zero percent asset tax in Belgium and being able to operate in an economic zone that provides legal stability for your business expansion plan.

In summary

  1. We engage the financial, services and legal community to work for you globally but in particular in Europe.
  2. We are growth enablers and proprietary technology asset contributors with the capacity to provide on-premise or cloud solutions for your European enterprise.
  3. We are success driven making our priority your priority regarding time to corporate presence, time to market or time to funding.