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Boutique corporate finance firm, Luxembourg based, Global Client Solutions Group focuses on providing an efficient set of goal-driven solutions for global growth-oriented companies, private equity investors, family offices and entrepreneurs with European expansion ambitions.

We have developed templates and processes, in-house technology products and built up an extensive network of professionals to gain efficiency in our execution of your mandates. Our solutions are mostly implementable on demand within 15 days. We are able to work side by side with known solution providers and your in-house staff so as to provide you with executable solutions ready for consideration by your executive management team.

Our services include coordinating the set-up of a Benelux based corporate structure and its interim administrative services, identifying funding solutions, providing and integrating a customized communications platform or commercial digital portal for your European venture or global commercial challenge. You will be able to monitor the progress made and execute your expansion plans at the pace and level of involvement most suitable to you or your organization. 

Our biggest contribution is time to market and our biggest aim is helping you achieve your commercial and society impact goals.