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Corporate Presence Solutions

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Corporate Funding Solutions

The art of funding solutions is two fold. First, the presentation of the project and how it will generate revenues to repay the funder whether it’s through a dividend, an interest payment or meeting with the return expectations on the terms of the funding agreement. Second, approaching the right counterparts.

Common way of funding ventures and projects include:

  • Against fiscal deductions; Tax increment funding; Subsidies and grants
  • Suppliers; Customers
  • Economic Development entities
  • Banks; Factoring; Leases
  • Private investors; Crowdfunding, Venture Capital
  • Private equity; Institutional investors and strategic Corporate investors
Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

When submitting the form take in consideration your funding need and profile:

  • New Venture funding: Funding require at initial stage to test proof of concept. Start up and first round financing.
  • Established entity funding: Funding require to capitalise on the growth of the business. Second round, Mezzanine and Bridge Financing stages
  • U-turn venture funding: Funding needed to recapitalise company for executing a turnaround strategy.
  • Mergers, Buyouts & Acquisition funding: Funding needed to acquire a corporate asset
  • Special ventures funding: Philanthropic ventures

You can submit your venture/project form through the Project / Venture financing submission form. At its receipt GCSG online will scan our Global Database for selected potential funding sources and will provide you its findings to your contact details.

At Global Client Solutions Group and GCSG online our main focus is searching for European based funding solutions. We consider the low hanging fruit the Benelux funders due to proximity from Luxembourg.


You can contact Global Client Solutions Group for direct personal assistance on the funding identification process as a qualified client. Qualifications for accepting a client are listed on the footnote.