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We can offer you the best Deal Flow to invest your capital.

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We offer you an extense spectrum of products and structures in Luxembourg

Access to professional market space is reserved to members upon invitation only and to an approved membership which has applied by completing the application form and is subject verification of credentials.

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Code of Honor. I hereby declare in my honor that I’m either an:

Investment Advisor

I am registered or I represent an entity that is registered under the securities legislation of a jurisdiction of Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg or a country member of the European Union  either as (i) an investment adviser, legal adviser or corporate finance adviser (in which case, I am also registered with the Investment Industry Regulatory or Professional association of your profession of the country you’re exercising your profession) ; or (ii) a portfolio manager. Alternatively, I am registered or I represent an entity organized in a foreign jurisdiction that is registered in a category that is analogous to (i) or (ii) above. I am a fiduciary.

Institutional Investor

I represent an organization or entity, including private equity firm, venture capital firm, banks, insurance companies, governmental entities, investment funds, pension funds regulated by adequate the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, pension fund or insurance board. Alternatively, I am registered as an advising representative of a portfolio manager that manages portfolios for the above-mentioned institutional entities. I satisfy the eligibility criteria for an institutional investor set forth in the Terms & Conditions.

Individual Investor

As such, I am a qualified investor and I (a) manage my own portfolio, (b) am accessing this site in my personal capacity and/or (c) may or not otherwise qualify as an investment advisor or institutional investor.  I understand and accept the risks associated with an investment in a non listed companies. I confirm that I have access to professional advisory and I confirm my net worth is greater than € 5.000.000  (Euro 5 million) with liquid assets over  € 2.000.000 (Euro 2 million).