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Corporate Presence Solutions

Corporate Presence – proposal request

Corporate Presence Solutions
  • We can work independently or directly employed on an interim basis so as to reinforce your company substance to your local authorities and here in the Benelux.
  • We work together with legal firms and advisory partners and act as a project coordinator for structures to be set up in any country in the Benelux
  • Benefits include:
    • Control, we work on consultative capacity only, leaving the decision of whether to proceed directly in your hands.
    • Organization by a local partner could help identify efficient avenues and suitable service providers to set up your desired corporate structure, install processes to manage cross-border growth and compliance
    • Identification of human workforce talent

Finance Department Solutions

Venture Financing – submission form

Finance Department Solutions
  • Performance Management for corporate liquidity, we will work in introducing financial relationships to service the execution or management of funds.
  • Funding identification solutions brainstorm and servicing so as to meet with capital requirements to finance your current and future projects and objectives
  • Benefits include:
    • Market research can help to identify new market trends and markets
    • Identification of commercial partners can help boost your corporate presence
    • Identification of merger and acquisition candidates can help in time to market
    • New funding solutions could help in balancing financial and risk management
    • Benchmarking financial management performance to identify the right partners

Technology Integration Solutions

My Europe Store – B2B web warehouse

Technology Integration Solutions
  • We offer technology solutions so that entrepreneurs can monitor and manage the projects of their cross border commercial business or financial corporate structures in an efficient manner and compliant to European Union regulations.
  • Technology products can be integrated to service your whole enterprise and managed by your technology administrators or ours. It is designed to be scalable, customizable, affordable and implementable on demand.
  • Products are able to be provided on a virtual server and at your inhouse premises in the Benelux or European entity.
  • Our Technology selection products can be bought directly through MyEuropeStore.com. Our main focus is efficiency, thus the attributes we look for are implementable, purpose-specific, and ease of use. The prices offered are transparent and competitive.
  • Benefits include:
    • On-premise solutions turn your purchases into proprietary corporate assets.
    • Technology integration features provide management or leadership full control
    • Integration features promote engagement in a secure environment
    • Customization features allow adapting to meet the needs of different sectors
    • Scalability from small business use to large enterprise use
    • Compliance tools to meet with regulations

Sample focus products on our technology integration solutions:

Bitrix 24: Tested technology has been incorporated by millions of customers worldwide. We also have service representatives which are available to service you in the Benelux or at your offices throughout Europe.

WHMCS & Bitrix24: We connect the functionality of WHMCS the leading web host billing automation platform with the benefits of the Bitrix24-on Premise collaboration platform.

i-One Private Cloud management solutions: Able to provide you with a wide array of hosting solutions for your virtual server needs.

SiteGround: Web Hosting Platform is one of the preferred third-party solutions for web hosting of Global Client Solutions group technology integration in Europe. SiteGround offers cloud solutions and dedicated server services.

Iubenda: We use this application to help provide you with Attorney-level solutions to make your websites and apps compliant with the law across multiple countries and legislations.

MyEuropeStore.com pledges 10% of the benefits of each purchase done through their website will be donated either to either the Nyenrode fund in the Netherlands or to the Fondation de Luxembourg in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This pledge with your approval can be done mentioning your corporate entity thus from day 1, your entity brand may get boosted as an entity that prioritizes corporate social responsiblity (CSR).